The Good and The Bad: Should LAFC Sell Andre Horta?

28 May

Last March, LAFC acquired Portuguese midfielder Andre Horta from Benfica. The club paid over $7 million for the young prospect. Andre Horta arrived in LA last summer and started off his LAFC career with a big mistake. LAFC has been rumored to be looking to sell the midfielder. Should LAFC sell him? Here, we go over the good and the bad of selling Andre Horta.

The Good: Why We Should Sell Him

  1. Market Value: Being a designated player, Andre Horta would bring in a large amount of cash for the club. The Black and Gold paid over $7 million for the prospect and it would open up space to go after other players

  1. Designated Player Spot: In the MLS, there is a salary cap of 4,240,000, one of the things that makes this league unique. Each MLS team can have 3 designated players, whose salary can top the cap. Andre Horta is a DP. If LAFC decides to sell Andre Horta, it would open up a DP spot, which would allow LAFC to go after top talent.

  1. Playing Time: Andre Horta is a young player who wants playing time. There are other clubs that could give him a better role and more playing time to improve his skill. Maybe sending him on loan is the answer.

    The Bad: Why We Should Not Sell Him

  1. Andre Horta has talent: Just watch the games and keep an eye on Horta. The kid has talent that nobody else has. There is no one on the pitch like him. Watch some of his clips from the Portuguese U-21 team. 

  1. He's 22 years old: Andre Horta is a youngster and is prone to mistakes like the one against the Galaxy in July. If LAFC keeps Andre, he will soon be a top talent for the Portuguese National Team and would help LAFC succeed in the MLS.

From what I see, there are lots of different things to take into account when deciding. One option I would consider is having him go on loan to a club that he can play 90 minutes with, where he can make mistakes and improve. Another option is to keep nurturing his talent here at LAFC.

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